Digital Transformation is Entirely Dependent on Clean Reference Data

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Data hygiene is paramount to any financial, or non-financial analytical strategy.  Without clean reference data and One Version of the Truth you will NEVER be able to trust your reports.  Loose those spreadsheets, or forget about Sarbanes and Regulatory compliance.

Our Best Service Offerings

Here's a few of the services we offer our clients.

Digital Transformation Services

Moving to the Cloud, or just thinking about it?  Razza provides comprehensive data quality analysis and situation assessment planning to understand the insights we can use to achieve the transformation goals faced by your organization.  Our methodologies are field tested, and have built in flexibility to help us line up successful road-maps for any organizations needs.  “We’ve seen a thing or two”….blah..blah…blah

Finance Transformation Services

Our financial transformation service helps enterprises merge, migrate, and co-exist their ERP applications in complex, multi-instance, and/or multi-vendor environments.  Adopt, control, and manage change at a pace that works for your organization.

Business Transformation Services

Business Transformation is a non-stop, never ending process facing all companies today.  Our enterprise processes, technologies, and organizations are changing at an ever increasing rate.  The pressures to compete come from almost every corner of our enterprise.  New sales channels are opening up daily.  Technologies like Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and the IOT are forcing us to re-think what we do, and how we operate.  Make sure you’re ready for the maelstrom that is certain to be heading your way.  Find out how Razza business transformation support can help you both now, and in the future.

Razza Solutions is your one stop shop for Process & Data Governance

You'd never imagine managing Reference Data could be made that easy

1. Consulting Services

Razza’s Data Relationship Management consulting organization has been setting integration best practices for over 20 years. Our consulting team represents the most accumulated years of service in the industry, and has a consistent track record of delivering even the most complex integration projects on time and on budget!

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2. Technology Options

We have proprietary adapters for connecting various Data Relationship Management technologies with most main stream ERP’s.  We also support in-house developed reporting tools, and other consultant created utilities.

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